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CalicoJackRackham • 49
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A Pirate on a quest


  Bremen, Germany  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 18 to 35 years old for dating, serious relationship and more.

About me

I´m searching for the ONE and only woman.
Time see what arises.
I´m a DJ, Radio leader and Event Organizer

Just ask me what do you want to know.
If you interested in me just contact me here via PN:
If you want you can add me on SKYPE as "Celeborn1970"

I do my best to enjoy life, and find my place in the world. To advance both of those agendas, I am currently very interested in meeting people face to face here where I am (Bremen, mostly) or talking with them online to plot taking over the world for everyone's benefit.

Enough about just me. You can see more about me in the link on the top. Now please allow me to write a little about 'us', about the relationship that I imagine in my future:

With us, there are no uncomfortable silences, because silence is not uncomfortable, silence is you doing your thing and me doing mine, or us both just enjoying the moment, smiling.

We make everything better for each other, because we share the life, the adventure into the world, together, with open and encouraging eyes. When something good happens, we embrace it, feed the feeling of it and enjoy the hell out of it because that's the best way to make the present moment a heaven.

We speak the truth to each other as soon as we know it. You know that delaying uncomfortable truths in hopes of not hurting the other person backfires more often than not, maybe from both sides of the experience.

When you say things will work out, I believe you, because I know you believe it, not just with your heart, but with your logical, sharp, wonderful mind as well. When I say I love you, you can feel it's not a trade or a routine, that it comes from deep within my heart, and sometimes at the weirdest moments of the day-to-day life we share.

We trust each other and enjoy each other, our bodies as well as our minds and ideas are happy together. Me pointing out someone delightfully beautiful or handsome does not threaten you, nor you pointing out someone to me, for we know there are many beautiful things in the world and that between us there is utter honesty and trust. We have chosen each other as mutual safe harbors and no matter who we sail with, what adventures we have, we know we will matter.
What I’m doing with my life
We will see what we do with it together.

Be a happy mind with an old soul.

And please understand.
I won´t send Money to someone I have never met.
The internet is an dangerous place

About you

Are you interested to live here in Germany ? if the answer is Yes there is a good chance for us.

If you want to visit me in my Country and if you think t
hat you wabt to live here, then write to me.
I will invite you to me soon to meet us eye to eye.

Personal info


6'0" (183cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Wants children:
Non drinker
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