Phenrix, 31
Last online: More than a week ago
Phenrix, 31
Last online: More than a week ago

Looking for a serious, open minded woman.


  Lincoln City (OR), United States  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 30 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

im very into writing, check out my journal to read some of my stories. i read all the time but writing is my true passion. ive also written a few really good songs, and my freinds tell me that i can sing great. i play the piano a bit but mostly just sing.

im a celtic dragon wiccan, ive been apart of the order of the shadow phenix for more than 9 years. what i belive in is the most imortant thing in m life, the path i have chosen has brought me more peace and wisdom that i ever imagined.

im pretty introverted untill i know you pretty well, but once i trust you im an open book, (more like a novel). my personality is like the weather, ever-changing, so im hard to predict sometimes.

i only have a few "constants" in my life and they are as follows.

1) dont preach about your religion to me, i dont want to hear any biggeted regards to my or anyones religion. i was raised baptist christian, and its a load of crap and i can PROVE IT. be respectfull and youll get respect from me

2) i hate fake people, dont present yourself as something your not. ill know. dont lie for personal gain, and dont pretned just to be accepted. if a person dosent like who you really are, that person isent worth your time.

3) intelligence is a key point of who i am, i need to have a real conversation with someone. playfull banter is fun sometimes, but a stimulating conversation is the best thing ever.

4) im a techy to be sure, but im very nature oreinted. i love to walk into the woods at night with no real destination. i love calling to they fey and spirits within the forest to be jovial with me.

5) my element is fire, so i act accordingly, im passionate, imposing, brutal, unending, all consuming, and i burn brighter with the proper stimuli.

if you really want to know more feel free to message me, but remember my criteria.

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 6'3" (190cm), 123lbs (56kg), average body type and brown hair.

College - Some

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Rarely drinks

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