Tiny Anna, 30
Last online: 5d, 6h ago
Tiny Anna
Tiny Anna, 30
Last online: 5d, 6h ago

Do size matters?


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys minimum 31 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

1. INTJ-T According to Myers Briggs.
2. I can mingle in the crowd, share smiles and laughs but don't be long, It makes me weak.
3. I love the beach But I can't swim, love the mountains as it gives me peace but don't ask me to climb rocks, love the city day and night but also love to sit and write in a quiet grassland.
4. Everything inside my clothes is cute....i mean small.
5. I'm a Christian but not religious,pls don't ask me to go to church.
6. I love dresses, mini skirts, shorts and boots.
7. Loves to listen to people's stories.
1.Love to read romance books (I'm hopeless romantic), psychology books (love observing human behavior, Autobiography of random dudes, children's books.
2. Writing random stuffs (dreams,rants, plans that never happened, biography,diary etc.)
3. Chatting with scammers and I'm enjoying. (You think I'm wasting my time? c'mon dude, I'm saving the future victims by taking the scammer's time 😂;)
4. Watching TED (inspires me really).
5. Watching CNN and hating Trump and to be fair, liking him whenever he say something that hits the enemies.
6. Browsing my FB feeds and secretly mocking people whenever they post their daily activities, fights, corny stuffs, foods, etc.( But then I'll remind myself that it's their life, we have different personalities 😂;).
7. Not into sports, no talent in Arts, no deadly hobbies, no talent in music (I love listening) my fashion sucks, yeah i may look boring but I'm definitely enjoying. 😜

About you

Seriously looking for a "till death do us part" relationship.
Someone who has longgggg longgg longgg long longggg longggggggg Longggg PATIENCE to teach me things, knowledge, the world.
- I adore guys who know how to treat ladies well.
-If possible no to guys taller than 5'11 (pls understand I'm super petite)
- I'm not racist but no interest to blacks (preferences man, i just thought they r too biG for me 😂;)
- Ages 33 up please...

Better if you are a single dad ,I wanna be a stepmom..not the evil one, the exceptional one 😂

Personal info

Asian, 4'10" (148cm), 99lbs (45kg), brown eyes and black hair.

High School - Graduated

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks