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  3D Artist
WillwWonka • 44
  3D Artist
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Sugar cougth me by surprise!


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 30 to 39 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

I'am a 3D artist from Austria.
I'am self emloyd since 2007 and i do 3D Visualisations and 3D Computer Animations for
Presentations, Websites, Video, Film and 3D Realtime Content.
I have one daughter, she is 2 years old since october but she does not live with me.
I'am seperated but not yet divorced. (Waiting for Citizenship of my Ex wife...)
But will be 100% divorced soon. I'am 2 years alone already...
Some women might think: "Get your sh.t right before you look online", and i must confess you have a point.
But iam not cheating on anybody and i never did. Iam just chatting.
Contact me or not... Its up to you!

I'am looking for somebody who is able to talk to me about everything.
To discuss and to share opinions about (God, Buddha or whatever...) and the world.

I'am not religious because i'am more of a scientist.
I do not say there is no god. I say EVERYTHING is possible.

But i believe in what i can see.
I'am open minded to any sight of things as long as they seem plausible.
I do respect every religion as long as it is not harming any people.

I'am open for everything but i will question everything as well. :)

I like animals, and i have a cat and an aquarium with many fishes.
I like to tinker with electronics and i also have a 3D printer.
I like to program in C++, VBScript and AutoIt as well as in C++ for Arduino.
I like to relax after work and i like to watch netflix or amazon prime.
I also like to ride my gym bike while watching to not get to chubby, haha!
I have a house with a big garden, although im not really into gardening.

How so ever... I think thats enough info for this website...

You can contact me anytime if you wanna know more.... PEACE! ;)

About you

I'am looking for somebody who is able to communicate in whole sentences.

Be open for discussions and dont be small minded.
Be kind, and be respectful to other opinions and persons.
Be loyal and dont f..k around if you are in a relationship!!!
Be able to LEARN NEW STUFF! No matter how old you are!
Be HONEST! ALWAYS!!! Even if it hurts yourself!
Love yourself but dont be narcissistic!

You dont have to be somebody who wants to save the world,
but at least be somebody who CARES and has an OPINION about the world
and what's going wrong in it nowadays.

People who say: "Thats none of my business" = just go away!!

If you dont even know what an MP3 is please DO NOT contact me.
If your only concern is your beauty, well nice for you, nice to have of course, but thats way not enough for me.
Beauty fades away.... No matter how hard you try to keep it... But inner values stay a live time!
If your life exists only in facebook and instagram and you have to upload a picture of every meal you had... well... No thanks!

Thank you for reading until here.

Personal info


6'1" (185cm) and average body type.
3D Artist
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Rarely smokes
Rarely drinks
Relationship status:
Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic