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berday1701, 52
Last online: More than a week ago
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Not only for talk show but for real life


  Montrouge, France

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 25 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Hello! I have a profile already, If you want to know very much read there.
Perhaps simple is best.. I have always been fascinated with the long hair
and large eyes . I have longed to travel .
And one day, who knows ? But for now I seek perhaps just writing friend(s)
to correspond and share day to day life with. I know it seems silly to have a
listing so far over the ocean, but I felt it was the thing to do.....
and I am intuitive. Also intelligent, low maintenance, non materialistic,
good sense of humour, and I am what I like to call « voluptuous »
or « womanly »...not skinny, not fat, but certainly not the very mundane « average .
I love music and it is a big part of my life. Listening to it with a friend,
in the quiet evening, not too loudly but just enough to provide fuel for
discussion or mood, and talking and laughing and getting to know someone;
lots of « real » conversation and eye contact and perhaps.....well.
This is one way I like to spend time with somebody. I am in search of
a soul mate but friends are lovely and it is good to have them in other
countries as well as one’s own. Silly, maybe. Not practical, maybe.
But one thing I am is a good loyal friend, and another is real. I am
sensual and sensitive and listen well, and I am 100% myself. So
give me a chance...I believe that some of life’s true wonders are not
necessarily easy to find, and are well worth it in the end

La vie est une chance, saisis-la.
la vie est beauté, admire-la.
la vie est béatitude, savoure-la.
la vie est un rêve, fais-en une réalité.
la vie est un défi, fais-lui face.
la vie est un devoir, accomplis-le.
la vie est un jeu, joue-le.
la vie est précieuse, prends en soin.
la vie est richesse, conserve-la.
la vie est amour, jouis-en.
la vie est un mystère, perce-le.
la vie est promesse, remplis-la.
la vie est tristesse, surmonte-la.
la vie est un hymne, chante-le.
la vie est un combat, accepte-le.
la vie est une tragédie, prends-la à bras le corps.
la vie est une aventure, ose-la.
la vie est un bonheur, mérite-le.
là est la vie, défends-la.

Personal info

blue eyes.

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