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Last active: 13 Aug 2020
glazesopretty • 29
Last active: 13 Aug 2020

Looking for serious relationship Hope its u


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys minimum 33 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

the difficulty to find, the person you will love for a lifetime. but I still hope, and it will be easy to know and I will find the man for sure. if it will come the day I know him. I like it, he's the one I have to live with for a while, I want a quiet and orderly life. no trouble, no fight. I'm just a simple girl, dream of finding something for me. I'm tired of hope, wait, hurt. but I still stay positive for everyone. if it's coming for me, I'm ready to give everything. and I can prove that he's my only one and nothing else!

!first of all, i want to introduce myself i glaze kathrine 26 years old. I'm just a simple woman, I have no self-esteem. I do not like to make up enough, just to brush up the lashes and lipstick. I do not need to be good for other people to like me, it feels better to feel like you're a simple person and you really are. I do not want to change myself, to say I'm a little bit older. delicious to come true. whether it's a beauty or not to be true!

I'm a kid, I've been through the hardships of life. yes I am in difficult condition and admire me in the life I have! I'm satisfied with the things I have. I do not mean to want more. just a simple life I want, enough to get to eat right. I do not mean to prosecute or compete with it. I'm really in everyone who talks or knows me, it's fine to be true to life.

im still single and i want to meet my man forever
I'm the type of girl who is ready to fight for love in the right man to love my life, I did not seek any wealth in the world, satisfied that I have at home as an roof of our future family, and I was ready to become a good home lighting, I shall replace any material thing what we have instead I establish our love, I will fight the man who will love me do not let that break us, I'm the type of girl who is ready to serve be my husband and family, I will keep our vows through thick and thin we will include I will not let that spoil the relationship that we have , I do not need a lot of money. because it is not the basis for an extension of a relationship, I'm the type of girl that wary, watchful care, tender love, and you keep all the time, not beauty, but I have good qualities that I know enough to love and marry😘😘😘😘😘

About you

like a princess in the fairytale, I also dreamed to find my prince. prince who will care, love, and receive me. The guy I'm going to be with for a while. with difficulty or comfort, for the love I've been giving, the man does not want to broke my love for others, the guy who would rather stay beside me whatever happens! I really want to give my everything, I want a man to stand up for his responsibility, a man with a self-esteem, a man who is a lifelong priority, quiet, no trouble! man ready for all. the man who would be the father of my children when it was time, a man who could not commit a sin. a man who can not hurt my feelings, and above all knows how to keep up with the promised promises.

i like men , with resolution itself!! , willing to accept and love my family. a man who will not hurts my feelings,phyisically and emotionaly! instead taking care and protect me. i like men who will love me for what and who i am, the man who will love me faithfully for no many reasons. the one who will not suspecting my love for him . whos willing to stay in my side till were getting old and the man will not leave even our relationship go up and down , the one who will spend the rest of his life for me and to our future family

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5'3" (161cm) and slim.
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Non smoker
Non drinker
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High School - Graduated