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"Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places"


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 28 to 42 years old for dating, serious relationship and more.

About me

As my youth has left me, I am no longer the dashing, handsome and rugged man I once
was ! To be quite honest, I am a heavyset man, (not fat like Jabba the hutt/Star Wars)
and many girls cannot overlook that flaw in me, and I understand that.
However, because I am mature, I make up for my flaws while being: Caring, Tender, Faithful, Kind and Loyal, and sometimes too Direct for the very sensitive ladies,
either you love me 'all the way' or no way.

I don't want a 50% love, it's 100% or it's 0%, sorry, I don't have that kind of time.
I don't look for the lady to warm my bed, I look for my last and final girlfriend/lover &
By no means am I a perfect man, I don't look for perfection, after all, Perfection is only
a 'state of mind'.

I've been divorced more than ten years, I am looking for Asian lady to fulfill my life, and hers.
In general my character is: Happy go lucky, with a positive persona, who likes to laugh and have fun;)

I"m looking for a Lady between 28 - 40 +/- 5 years. I am 58. I am Real, I have been to
26 countries in my life. I can say that this is a difficult task. One has to learn patience
and tolerance. Hard working and very loyal. Thank you for visiting.

About you

Looking for a Nice and Sweet Lady, Naughty 'Sometimes', Nice & Sweet 'All the time !
PLEASE Don't waste time if you are NOT in my Age range 28-40 +/- 5 years.
If you are Too Young, I won't be able to Keep you Happy.
If you are Too Old, you may think I am too Immature for You.
Good Day to you for looking at my profile;)
Please read my profile carefully, as I have prior experience in searching for a Foreign mate.

*For the Ladies 'currently' living in the Philippines, I am Not planning on going there,
I 'am' planning a trip to China !
I'm looking for the ladies that had the Courage to leave their home country, and moved
to China to change their life !

Personal info

5'9" (175cm) and big & beautiful.
Owner/Driver Truck Company
Has children:
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Non smoker
Rarely drinks
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