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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 24 to 38 years old for friendship.

About me

I live one day at a time. We are not promised tomorrow but I am always planning for it and beyond. I like to think positive and be happy. My happiness is in my heart from God, not from accomplishments, money, or another person, even though those things can make life much nicer and put many smiles on my face, true happiness comes from inside your heart. It's your outlook, your attitude, your perception, maybe your ora... I work hard and I play hard. I am easy going and very patient, but don't underestimate me or take me for granted. I am strong yet sensitive, active yet enjoy private time at home. I love the beach, cooking, traveling, music, concerts, shopping, exploring, engaging with friends, watching sports, and family. I try to respond to most here, but if I respond, it doesn't mean I am interested in you. I am looking for friends and good communication. I am always interested in people and what drives them. I am too old for games but I am too active to be bored long. I'm not perfect, and neither are you.
Don’t waste our time messaging if you’re a scammer or begging for money, over my age search, shorter than what I listed in “about you”, lazy, or obese. I don’t reply I am not interested in you, so you can scroll on by. If I am interested in you, you will know, and if you play too hard to get, you will likely be left behind wondering what happened. I'm busy too, so If I can take the time to be your friend, you should do the same. Life isn't that complicated. Life is GOOD!
If you think this profile is too long, buckle up cause it's just the beginning. If you thought this would be fast and easy, you're in for a surprise. So enjoy the journey. There's also a lot to know about you I'm sure. I am only looking for chat and friends here.

About you

You're confidently beautiful inside as well as out, but you're humble. You take care of your mind body and soul. You're Happy, Genuine, Healthy, Career-minded, Active, Ambitious, Strong, love music, dance, sing, and enjoy being outdoors, and most nights at home together bonding, cooking, entertaining with friends. You like and enjoy the beach, mountains, travel, home, & family. You are FUN, good sense of humor, playful, thoughtful, loving, respectful, creative, ambitious, loyal, trustworthy, caring, and you want to be partnered up with your friend for all your life. You love spending time with your man and can be serious, yet able to laugh at yourself and not be butthurt over silly things.
You are NOT lazy or jealous. That means you have a job or a business and/or income. I want a partner, not a leech. Someone truly contributing to the relationship as a partner should. Many single parents have kids (I had 3) and work so that’s NOT a reason to sit around doing nothing all day and night expecting others to pay your way. Your kids should BE the reason to work. You had them and if your partner skipped out on you or doesn’t support them, that’s between you and him, but right now it’s on you.
5'2"- 5'7" taller and slim is better but really it's your heart that counts more than age, or height. If you don't look like your profile pic, keep scrolling. I mean we are what we are, so remove that 10-year-old profile pic and show us one from today. Later you can show me what you looked like 10 years ago, lol. and I love to have fun too, but please DO NOT have a profile pic with cat whiskers and ears, like a SnapChat altered pic or effects pics or the like of it. Grow up if you say you're serious here. LOL. I like a natural beauty in someone, so if you're covered with too much makeup, your hair isn’t mostly natural color, or if you spend a lot of time trying to have white skin (I like morena, not black), you probably aren't for me.

Personal info

6'4" (192cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker
Relationship status:
College - Some
Christian - Orthodox