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marsh742 • 28
Last active: 22 Feb 2021

Looking for my Boaz to start family with soon. No games pls


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 28 to 43 years old for serious relationship.

About me

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Before you proceed, let me just inform you that I am CHRISTIAN by faith.. Why am I informing you with this? This is to let you know that I am firm on my faith. I won't compromise having relationship with someone for the relationship that I already have with my God. If this is not in favor with what you believe in, then please hit next. Stop right here. Thank you! And you're welcome. I have saved your time. 😂 God bless you! 😘

I find intelligence as the most attracted feature of a person. The more intelligent you are, the more I get attracted to you.

Easy going. Crazy. Love to laugh. Love to smile and make others smile. Ambitious. Lazy ( Smart. Good communicator. Friendly. Fast learner. Loves to travel. Loves to try new things. Good listener. Hates argument. Optimistic. Loves children so much (hope there is a child that doesn't grow My ministry is Sunday school. I volunteer every Sunday there. Simple. Loves music. Unpredictable sometimes. Talkative. Loves to learn, explore life, I’d like to know what your perceptions, and to know your vision and dream. So picky when it comes to friends and people I deal with (no to negative ones). Old fashion when it comes to love (filipino tradition, old stuff, eg. Serenade, sweet letters, fetches, etc.). Takes time to fall. Sweet. Loves surprises sooo much. Very understanding. Honest but will always try to be polite in every way. Weird (sometimes). Logical. Love mind games (like puzzles, crosswords, sudoku,etc). Caring.

A bit serious part :)

And I'm not in a rush for a relationship, let us be friends first and let us see where it takes us. ;)
I don't mind being single the rest of my life, I won't settle for less. I won't get tired waiting for the right man.
I made a stupid mistake in my life before, but that was the past, I promised to myself won't be having the same mistakes I had before.
This time, I will wait. Even if waiting takes forever, I will wait for my forever.
Because I believe in true love, fairy tale that come true, and dreams that happens in reality :)
If a man that also believe in these things, hope we find each other.
I know God is busy preparing our love story so that we will have a great love story to tell to our children!!! :)))

By the way, Im sorry for very looooong profile :) I just want e where it takes us. ;)
Sharm Araza you can find me on Facebook..
And if you do, skype youll find me as marsh742

First and foremost, I like White Guy! I have reasons why. It is like white guy likes Asian girls; some Black men likes White girls; and some Asian Girls like Black girls. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN PREFERENCES! AND YOU SHOULD RESPECT THAT!

I don't want to be wasting time to someone who I don't see myself liking that person in the latter part. I am.not that kind of a person who will randomly talk to anyone that has no possibility of having good relationship with!

I can only waste my time to few people! Lucky you if I ever send a message or reply to one of your message even without seeing you yet!

Don't be judgemental. My life is amazing!
I can't tolerate negative people. :)

That’s it!! Thank yoooou if you reached this far! Hahahaha

About you

Loves Jesus Christ! That's all. I think everything else follows. 😊

God bless all in finding their soulmates!
I know this is not the right place for us to find one, but if we get luck then, thank God. If not, still thank God for the lesson! 😉

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5'3" (161cm) and average body type.
Audit Analyst II
Has children:
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Non smoker
Rarely drinks
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Bachelors Degree
Christian - Protestant