ohmyreghh • 28
Last online: 19 Jul 2018
  Food Runner / Waitress / OFW
ohmyreghh • 28
  Food Runner / Waitress / OFW
Last online: 19 Jul 2018

Trying this. I'm also in DIA. 😂


  Imus, Philippines  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys and girls from 27 to 39 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I'm a realist when it comes to life.
I'm neither positive nor negative.

Be patient with me for I'm not always online.

FTR, I am not very good looking as I seem in my photos.
Most of the photos are taken either I'm wearing makeup, the camera or the lighting is great it has filter.
You won't like me when I just woke up from bed.
I'm not saying this here to fish for compliments.
If what's more important for you is the external looks then I guess I might not be the one.
Thanks for reading my profile anyway. ☺

I hate small talks.
I wanna talk about atoms, death, aliens, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, the lies you've told, your flaws, your favorite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities and fears...
I like people with depth, who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.
I don't want to know "whats up"

I'm not going to be the perfect girlfriend.
I'll yell at you. I'll get jealous. I'm stubborn. I overthink. I get insecure. My mood swings are like a roller coaster. I'll probably never do anything right. But I promise you that If I gave you my heart, it's yours. Keep it. I'll be loyal. I'll be here when you need me. I'll love you to the greatest extent that I can. I'll treat you right and I'll do anything I can to hold our relationship together.

I'm never perfect but I'm always genuine.
If I believe we have the potential to build something special, and I see you're willing to work with me, I'm all about exploring that. Just know, I'll be as consistent as your efforts inspire me to be.

I'm a working progress.

About you

Genuine person. Very understanding. Sweet. Caring. With nice moral values and family values.
Loyal and honest. Accept me for the person that I am. With very wide mindset.

I want somebody I can compliment, not somebody I have to complete. I want them to be whole on their own and I cause whatever it is to overflow. I don't want them to need me, I want them to have an ever increasing desire for me. I want them to care for me in a way that makes me wants to be better because of them, for us. I want somebody that understands give and take, but isn't keeping track of what they give because it's genuine.
I love people who teach me something new. Expand my mind. Talk to me about the universe. Share your dreams with me. Take me on a mental trip.

Show me somebody I can grow with and I'll show you somebody I'm never letting go of.

Personal info

5'8" (172cm) and a few extra kg / pounds.

Food Runner / Waitress / OFW
Associates Degree
Christian - Catholic

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Non smoker
Rarely drinks