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There are good people here, but sometimes it's hard to find them.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 21 to 37 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

"True love stories never have endings."
Richard Bach

Catfish and scammers welcome I could use another star. Yes I have already searched your pics on five different image search engines. And your words as well. Interesting you only have one picture. Scammers do that.

I know this is a long read but it will tell u everything about me. if u don't care and will take any man, u r not the one I am looking 4. So you know I don't use SKYPE at all and I don't viber or wechat, no line only messenger on my fb page.

If you are low on money that isn't a crime, asking me for some of mine is. If you don't have enough to communicate maybe you shouldn't. Due to the high incidences of bad experiences I am not interested if you live or work in China. Must be something in the water.

To save you time I don't travel by jet anymore, but car, truck, boat, and my fav motorcycle no problem.

Looking for a goodhearted woman who loves gardens, pets and animals, kids, and has a love for the environment. Bonus points if you love movies and xbox or you are an artist :D

I am not worried about your background or your history as long as it will not affect our future. If you already have kids it will not happen, because of my government and my low income. Not because I don’t love kids, I really do and I miss having them in the house.

About me: I am not rich, (GOD gives me what I need) I am not young, not even handsome anymore and not worried about that. Slightly disabled. I have the symptoms of MS, not confirmed. I look like one of TWD at least until I get a coffee in the morning. :D

Still chopping wood shoveling snow and can keep you smiling. Yup that's me at my woodpile before the snow was deep. In November 2018

If you are looking for a man who will finance your world travels I am not him. Met lots here that love to travel but never have. I wish you good luck if that is your dream. Me I am a homebody got lots to do right here.

I won't Send you money. Don't think of that as a challenge. I have heard all the scams. Had more than a few tried to use their kids to try to get money. I am smart enough to read between the lines. Sorry you are having money problems, they are not mine.

The good things: I am kind, Romantic, loving, durable, wicked smart, fiercely loyal. I will make you smile I won’t cheat on you. I don’t hit women. I am a one woman man. I am very supportive.

The bad things: No tolerance for evil, for time wasters, liars, players, maldita's, selosa's, scammers, catfish, bitchy, the opportunistic and those that hate men. Met many here, way too many.

Church going woman, no problem, I will go with you every week. Church isn't my thing but if it is important to you it is important to me. I do have some exceptions to that rule. There three religions I won't have dealings with. Ask me.

So you know I have a very good relationship with God. I pray for others all the time especially for the many scammers I met here. (ten this week and every week) They really need the prayers. A lot of praying.

I live a pioneer life in the country, solar power, Gardening wood heat. I can build anything and I enjoy it. I also enjoy designing and restoring Classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, furniture, houses you name it. I spend time writing (I wrote a couple of novels working on a third), watching movies, doing woodwork, Playing video games, designing stuff on the computer. I like classic rock but can listen to just about anything, except opera.

I have a lot of pets. That means cats, Lots of cats, dogs and the birds I feed in the winter. If you don’t like fur or feathers or fins, fins cause I like aquariums, better pass me by for the next man.

About you

I don't send money to anyone for any reason.

You are friendly, too many here are not. Especially the scammers when you don't pay them :D Life is too short to live around bitchy people. If your favorite way to support your man is with constant criticism move to the next profile that man loves that.

Like I said at the beginning of this novel, You love pets, kids, the country life, you can cook, you like doing other stuff, reno’s, maybe art. You know how to inspire your man. You are a loving kind, and supportive woman. You don’t drink, you don’t smoke and you don't do drugs. I don’t do any of those things either. You prefer you to tell the truth rather than deal in lies.

I hope you have long hair and are slim but those are just preferences, like some like my beard some don't. Like I already said earlier, sorry if you have kids already my gov will not allow me to bring you here. That is a shame I love kids.

If you like girls or have some man parts, it won't work, I am looking to start a family. I wish you luck in your search, but I am not your man.

Keywords: Dogs, Cats, Gardening, Motorcycles, trucks, permaculture, farming, gaming, computers, birds, painting, art, woodwork, tiny house, writing, art, movies, nature, the environment, children, flowers, passionate :blushing: romantic and much more

Good Luck in your search

words overused in profiles here. If this offends, you why is that?

simple....................... never in my entire 61 years have I met a simple woman, they are complicated and there is no manual.

serious .................. lots here use that word but most don’t know what that means

simplicity is beauty......... If that were true a single cell amoeba would be pretty, it's not.

confidentially beautiful with a heart...... Does that mean you are hot and you know it does that mean you need someone who will send money.

understand my does that mean you need someone who will send money.

support......................Wow does that mean you need someone who will send money.

help ...................... does that mean you need someone who will send money.

Loves does that mean you need someone who will send you plane tickets.

Moody..........................I know what that means. Don't talk to you before coffee in the morning or risk losing an eye. hahahaha

honesty is the best policy..................self-explanatory but I find many that say that are not being honest. is too short to be hating, if you used that word in your profile you were passed by

liar........................... yup I met more than a few here. The ones that usually talk about that are the ones that I find lying.

oh I found your secret fb page where you are hiding your husband and kids or the boyfriend/girlfriend you have had for years. Good try though :D Speaks to your character or lack of.

I have found way too many here doing that.

I just learned new slang today selfie lord. I have met a few here, took me longer to look at their pics than you spent reading all this. :D oops one is a friend of mine.

For those that didn't choose me thank you. You did me a big favor

Personal info

6'0" (184cm) and average body type.
Has children:
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Non smoker
Non drinker
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I need a break
College - Graduated
Christian - Catholic