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Last active: 30 May 2019
xmy • 42
Last active: 30 May 2019

I'm here. Where are you?


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 36 to 56 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I am not fat or thin. I like cooking. Maybe you will fall in love with Chinese food. I like reading books and I am curious about the unknown. I like outdoor sports, go into nature, listen to the voice of birds, enjoy the bright flowers! I like vegetarian food, so I keep in good shape all the time. I like sincere communication, heart to heart links, I am also gentle, not easy to lose my temper, usually I have more patience. I prefer to keep communicating and express my meaning correctly so that you can understand what I think. I also like traveling. I want to travel around the world with you!
Maybe you like women with long hair. It doesn't matter, long and gentle, short and lovely. Hair is not unchanged. Time will change its length. About height and appearance, it is given by parents. We can't change it. About obesity and slenderness, we can control it. We need to eat healthy food and keep good eating habits. As for children, it is a gift from God. Children bring us responsibility and happiness. If you have children, I will love them as my children. Regarding love, I think there is no unreasonable love or hatred in the world. Only two hearts attract each other, appreciate each other, like to become love, love to become life-and-death interdependent, never give up!
Only when both of us keep love in our love account, it will become more and more strong. Understanding, tolerance and appreciation are the best preservatives for love. Any relationship starts with knowing. If you think I'm the future wife you're looking for, you can write to me and ask me any questions. I'll check my email regularly and I'll get back to you soon. I can't participate in your past. You are in the future. I hope we can describe together. I've been waiting for you all the time. The journey in the future is full of storms and hardships.

About you

Sincerity, kindness, courage, tolerance, believe that sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity!
I am looking for a person, who is like a tree, can shelter me from the wind and rain, protect me, love me, give me warmth, give me safety!
I like walking on the beach with your hand in the sunset, leaving a string of happy footprints. I want to snuggle in your arms and watch a movie together. When I see a thrilling and tense picture, I will not be afraid to have your broad arms and hug me tightly. I think we cook a lot of delicious food together, I feed you a mouthful, you feed me a mouthful, until our stomach is full; I think we clean the room together, when you sweat, I will fill the bathtub with water for you, give you a massage, and then, it is a wonderful thing to take a bath together, haha, of course, there are many things to do...
What I want is just an ordinary you, ordinary life, where are you? I've been looking for you!

Personal info

5'3" (160cm) and a few extra kg / pounds.
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
Relationship status:
College - Graduated
Christian - Orthodox