ThisIsMae • 25
ThisIsMae • 25

"..don't forget to kiss me, or else you'll have to miss me"

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  Mabalacat City, Philippines  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys and girls of any age.

About me

At this age a lot of things still amaze me, still a baby eh? haha. I'm easily impressed and easily get curious (And yes, I think a lot) Actually I question everything and most of them stay in my mind cos people would think they're just nonsense:lol:

Few people think I'm smart. But I believe the opposite, you can easily deceive me. In fact, I can be easily fooled whether I'm just at the market, walking down the street, or just riding a public transportation. There's even a chance I might miss my stop, lol.

Though I'm a fast learner, I am also very forgetful:lol: I've been told that I'm a thoughtful person, but I tend to remember small details better than important ones lol. It could be a case of selective memory loss, or maybe it's just the way my mind works, haha.

This may sound weird, but one of the things that makes me feel good is when my room is clean. My room isn't always as clean as I want it to be because there are times that I may have a lot of work to do or I am on my "Senti mode" that I don't wanna do anything but I make sure that my surrounding is clean cos I live, work and sleep here. I may not always be in my bed, but it feels wonderful when my sheets are newly washed and clean, it just makes me happy:p

If you want us to 'click', try not to flirt with me, especially within the first few minutes of our conversation. I know it's a dating site and flirting is expected, but personally, it feels a bit strange and usually makes me lose interest. I don't mean that we should delve into deep and serious topics, but I do prefer a conversation that is more chill, relaxed and appropriate...-To be continued..

Personal info

Mabalacat City, Philippines
5'5" (166cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks