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Looking for my sincere other half...


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys and girls 30 to 47 years old for dating, friendship, networking and more.

About me

Hello, I am Henk,
Strong lasting relationships are not common; you have to put some work in this. It's not really a game. There is no ideal relationship, but if you want something to last, to grow and to endure then you have to want it and maintain it. Nothing is coming from itself; people can make you happy or secure. I think that people can complement life, add my desire to grow, improve, and give me their response.

No union between a man and woman can be broken unless both want it. The theory of "Foreverness"... is a myth to those who have never truly loved. Most people are searching for love. The problem with that is not that love isn't attainable, but that the world's definition is based on getting and creating love, and attaining this love. Love finds US when we are ready to give and receive it. There's a fine line between love and hate. The two factors that determine which side your journey will go between trust and communication.

I am NOT looking for ladies who want to have a one direction friendship, I’m looking for someone who can be loyal and most of all honest, so plain said that I do not want to lose my time on people who are playing a game or a gold digger there are more than enough of them and I am not searching neither looking for them.

And please no questions for money, visa or other stupid things, I am not here to be your bank.

About you

And please no questions for money, visa or other stupid things, I am not here to be your bank.

Someone who is honest, Sincere, Loyal, Trustworthy, Friendly and Kind and wants to be my soulmate forever...

First a great friendship and later when this is working marriage....

Personal info

6'1" (186cm) and average body type.
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Phd / Doctorate
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